Our Target for 2022!​

PAUL helps – help PAUL!

As a successful medium-sized company, we have a social responsibility that we are very aware of. Therefore, it is important to us to make a contribution and help people in need. 

The production and deployment costs of a mobile water filter backpack “PAUL” are around 1,000 euros. With your help, we have been able to finance almost 30 water backpacks in the last three years!

Your and our donations reach those in need directly. No bureaucratic headaches are financed by the money. For this reason, we remain true to our social commitment and would like to be able to finance at least 10 mobile water backpacks again in 2022.

Help us to give people, especially children, who are in need through no fault of their own, a piece of quality of life. Water is the basis of life!

Who is PAUL?

PAUL helps – help PAUL!

The “Portable Aqua Unit for Life-Saving”, PAUL for short, is a portable water filter for water treatment and purification. The backpack was developed for worldwide disaster relief operations. During floods, typhoons or earthquakes, it is usually the hygiene problems that need to be solved most urgently. Hard-to-reach regions can be supplied with drinking water thanks to PAUL.

The blue container is roped down by helicopter and supplies up to 400 people a day with about 1200 litres of drinking water. This is because PAUL converts contaminated water into drinking water in just a few minutes.


And this is how PAUL works


Scooping water

The first thing is to find a water source and get as much water as possible.


Fill Paul

The contaminated water is simply poured into the top of PAUL’s opening.



Inside PAUL, the dirty water passes through several filter systems until it becomes drinking water.


Drinking water

The clean drinking water can now be easily taken out and drunk via a valve on the back!

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PAUL was developed in the Department of Urban Water Management – in the Department of Civil Engineering – at the University of Kassel. Under the supervision of Mr. Prof. Dr. – Ing. F.-B. Frechen, the students designed the system for treating drinkable water from contaminated surface water.

Nearly 3,000 water backpacks (as of December 2018) are now in use worldwide. PAUL requires no electricity or chemicals and is expected to last 10 years. The initial relief measure in disaster areas has become an almost maintenance-free permanent use for stationary water supply.

PAUL in use

Some pictures of PAUL’s locations around the world.


André Käber, CEO Leogistics GMBH

“As a company that deals with logistical challenges on a daily basis, it is a matter close to our hearts to support PAUL. Because unlike large, elaborate filter systems, PAUL reaches people in emergency situations or remote areas in the most efficient way and directly improves their living situation.”